If you have problems de-archiving the files

Follow these instructions

  1. Select Images, it helps! You have downloaded the files and placed them in a suitable directory and set the filetype correctly

  2. Really, graphics help here You perform a count on the files.

  3. The piccies are nice you know Select the Task Manager

  4. You're really missing something here Change the NEXT to be larger than the filesize.

  5. Please use Graphics Select the file to dearchive. The SaveAs box will appear

  6. These took me ages to play with Drag the file to the directory you want the application going into. The file will now de-archive.

  7. All done The result.

Now if it fails to get as far as 5, then either the file is corrupt (due to a problem on your internet connection or weather problems) or you have not followed the above instructions. The files have been archived and dearchived on most of the Acorn range of computers (but not the StrongARM).

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