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There seems to be a lack of a website given over to Acorn educational (and especially Chemistry) software. Well, to counter this (and get around the fact that I've not done anything with this site for ages!), I've cobbled this together.

So what's here then?

As it stands, there is quite a fair bit. Mostly, it's for Chemistry, but there are some Maths bits and even BBC bits here. Also there is my BSc thesis (entitled Nitrogen Triiodide - the study and stabilisation of an explosive). This thesis has been entirely produced using Icon Technology's superb !TechWriter Pro v5.04. The HTML version was produced using it and cleaned up with v1.39B9 of !Zap. The gifs were converted using !InterGif by Peter Hartley with the imagemaps produced using Computer Concept's ArtWorks, Acorn Computer's !Draw and Imagen by Justin Fletcher.


Due to a slight mix up in the May 1999 Acorn User, this URL has been given as that for the Manchester Acorn User Group (MAUG) and more notably, the forth coming visit by Mike Glover of Icon Technology

To rectify this slight boo boo, follow this link

On with the show

You can choose between seeing my thesis or the software - the choice is yours!

Jump to the thesis, I wanna see it!

Gimme that there software

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